Mission Statement

At Advanced Eye Surgeons, our staff and medical professionals have three core values: trust, dedication, and precision. We use the latest proven technology and commit ourselves to ongoing education and advancement to help our patients feel comfortable and cared for. Our relationships with our patients matter, which is why we hope to earn your trust with every conversation you have with us.


Medical care is rooted in the trust between a patient and their physician. We don’t take our patients’ trust for granted, which is why this relationship is factored into everything we do from the treatments we offer to the way we answer the phone.


As medical professionals, we commit ourselves to studying and leading the eye treatment field in Boca Raton to ensure our patients always have the latest and best options available to them to help create a bond of trust with the proof of excellent outcomes.


The human eye is a complicated organ that we are always learning more about. To that end, it requires highly precise tools and techniques to help people live healthy, satisfied lives with clear vision. Our precision is essential to quality health care and something we are always looking to improve.


Our goals are to:

  • Provide safe, effective, quality services at an affordable cost to patients with all types of eye diseases and conditions
  • Operate our medical practice in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations according to the ideal care standards all Americans expect of their physicians
  • Continually improve our internal processes to enhance the experience of patients and our medical professionals
  • Use our expertise as eye care specialists to improve patients’ lives
  • Take responsibility for our mistakes or shortcomings and communicate honestly with all patients
  • Maintain a healthy and safe office environment for all people

“Everyone deserves to witness the beauty of our world in its full glory.”