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Understanding Glaucoma and its Treatment Options

Glaucoma affects approximately 3 million people in the United States every year and it’s considered one of the top causes of vision loss and blindness in the country and the world.

Although no cure for glaucoma exists, several treatment options are available that can help you manage this serious disease and prevent severe vision loss. Our caring team at Advanced Eye Surgeons offers a wide range of treatment options for glaucoma and other conditions that impair vision.

What is Glaucoma?

Your eyes rely on optic nerves to send signals to your brain to process the information you see when you look at the world around you. Glaucoma is any type of condition that causes damage to these nerves. One of the most common causes is intraocular or internal pressure on a nerve, caused by a fluid buildup in the eye. Your eyes contain special drainage areas known as canals between the cornea and iris. When a blockage takes place, the fluid has nowhere to go, leading to intraocular pressure.

Sources of damage or pressure include diabetes, hypertension, central cornea thinning, and sick cell anemia. Additionally, certain types of medication can cause pressure or swelling that damage the optic nerves, especially for people who are at high risk. These medications include corticosteroid eye drops, steroids, certain antibiotics, anti-depressants, and even allergy and asthma medications.

How Does Glaucoma Change Your Vision?

Glaucoma impacts different people in different ways. The visual changes depend on various factors, including the type of glaucoma and the cause of the condition. That said, you can typically expect intraocular pressure at the front of the affected eye or eyes. Symptoms from this type of event include vision distortion (blurriness or blind spots), halos, rings, or other visual changes near lights that often display a rainbow-colored hue.

Red eyes from tiny blood vessels are pushed to the surface and an actual sensation of eye pressure with or without headaches, nausea, and vomiting can also occur. If left untreated, vision loss can progress to total blindness so it is important to receive an eye examination at the earliest signs of vision changes.

How Do We Treat Glaucoma?

The method or methods used to treat your glaucoma depend on the cause and the level of severity. If you have a mild or even moderate condition, we would likely ask you to start with eye drops or other medication formulated to reduce pressure. Prescription or over-the-counter medications and lifestyle changes can also help you manage underlying causes, such as diabetes, asthma, and allergies. With more advanced glaucoma, we usually recommend treatments designed to remove fluid, unblock the canals and reduce the chance of recurrence for years. These methods include minimally invasive laser treatments or surgical procedures.

Medical research and technological advancements haven’t yet reached the point of providing a lasting cure for glaucoma. Our team of professionals at Advanced Eye Surgeons in Boca Raton, FL possess the knowledge, experience, and tools to treat it and other conditions that impact vision so that patients can manage changes to their eyesight and prevent additional damage.

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