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Pollen and Eye Irritation: Tips for Eye Relief

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When the weather changes, seasonal allergies can come into your life. You may deal with sneezing and congestion, and notice that your eyes are itchy, irritated, and tired. These eye problems can keep you from feeling your best and eye irritation from pollen can keep you from wanting to spend time outside. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can fight this eye irritation.

What Causes Eye Irritation and Allergies

Pollen spores are produced by many different types of plants and trees. Those spores blow into the air, where they can lead to all types of allergy symptoms,  including eye irritation. The pollen causes the blood vessels in the eyes to become dilated and that’s what brings about the irritation.

Common Eye Allergy Symptoms

When dealing with seasonal allergies, you might notice that the whites of your eyes look red or that your eyes look watery. You might also deal with itchy or puffy eyes, and that you are more sensitive to light than you usually are. Seasonal allergies can make it feel like you have something in your eyes even when there is nothing there.

Tips for Eye Relief

There are many ways to lessen the discomfort that seasonal allergies can bring, especially when it comes to the eyes. Some of these tips include:

Use Protection Over Your Eyes When Headed Outside

Even if you don’t usually wear sunglasses or regular eyeglasses, consider doing so when going outside while your allergies are at their worse. Eyeware can provide some protection for your eyes against the pollen in the air.

Find Eyedrops that Work for Your Eyes

You can find over-the-counter eyedrops that are made to offer relief from allergy symptoms. You may need to try out different brands and types of drops to find the ones that work for your eyes.

Allow Yourself to Rest

When your eyes are feeling tired or they are burning because of your allergies, allow yourself to close them for a time. Try to get adequate sleep at night as well.

Consider Over-the-Counter Allergy Medication

If you are experiencing allergy symptoms beyond just eye irritation, you might need medication beyond eye drops. Over-the-counter allergy medication can help get your allergies under control.

Don’t Irritate Your Eyes More By Rubbing Them

While it is tempting to touch the eyes when they are itchy, rubbing them will only irritate them more and may lead to worse issues.

Schedule A Consultation

If dry, irritated eyes are keeping you from enjoying life or if you’re dealing with severe irritation that is causing serious issues, scheduling a consultation with us at Advanced Eye Surgeons is a great first step. Our team of doctors will examine your eyes, listen to the symptoms you’re experiencing, and then build a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

To schedule a consultation today, call our Tamarac or Boca Raton, FL office or use our online contact form.

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