About Dr. Dayana Pereira, O.D.

Welcome our newest physician Dr. Dayana Pereira to our practice. Dr. Pereira is an optometric physician who practices full-scope optometry with an emphasis on the latest treatment and management of ocular disease.

 She completed her bachelor’s degree in vision sciences at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she continued to earn her degree as a doctor of optometry. Her interest in ocular disease led Dr. Pereira to complete her clinical rotations at Aran Eye Associates and Eye Center of South Florida in Miami, Florida. She received the award of excellence in recognition of her outstanding performance in the study of ocular disease.

Her advanced clinical training includes vision correction, contact lens fittings, dry eye treatments, and surgical management. When not practicing eye care or enjoying time with her family, Dr. Pereira enjoys hiking and obstacle course races.

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