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We loved ‘Your word for us!

It is the word of love that travels far across boundaries and deep within our hearts. As much as we and our team have taken pleasure in providing care to our patients, we are more than glad to hear from them. And some phrases of appreciation and gratitude have filled us with joy and left us spellbound.

Your words mean so much to us and our AES family. They help us keep going and give us the most gentle push to work in our utmost sincere manners while providing you and your loved ones the care they deserve. 

Take a look at what you wrote for us:

  • We are touched by your humanity, spirit, insight, kindness, generosity. Your beautiful heart and the friendship we received from you left us speechless. In all our combined years on this planet we have never encountered a more diligent, caring, heartfelt and excellent doctor and medical professor. We thank you immensely for caring for our loved one and managing the process with sheer eloquence.
  • Dear Doctor, as I said you are a gem among a field of rocks. I try to be the best patient as much as I can. With all you have done, with your patients and with your own family, is wonderful. Thank you so much again. These are just a few things to pamper yourself. Have a wonderful day.
  • Dear Doctor, Thank you for the phone calls during our pre and post-operation. Your care and concern for us is amazing and appreciated. Especially, through your exams and explanations. 
    Kira, Thanks for always answering the phone. It is not common in most Medicare facilities. You are option one.
    Ivy, Thanks for the thorough eye care exams, you did until you got everything accurate. Your relaxed demeanor makes it easy and not to be tense. You ladies are a great team, Thanks again. 

Your words delight us, Thank you!

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