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What Should I Do About My Dry Eyes?

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common affliction and occurs when your eyes don’t make enough tears to keep your eyes lubricated. Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes feel uncomfortable by burning or feeling scratchy. Vision might also be blurry or eyes may appear red.
You may be more likely to experience dry eyes if you wear contacts, are age 50 or older, are female, or need more Vitamin A or Omega 3 in your diet. Long hours of computer usage can also contribute to this condition. Luckily, if you do experience dry eyes, there are things you can do to restore your eyes to a state of health and comfort.

What are some Over the Counter Dry Eye Remedies?

Artificial tears in the form of OTC eye drops, ointments, and gels are readily available. Retaine, Systane, Thera Tears, and Refresh are all reputable brand options that can reduce bothersome symptoms, and reduce inflammation. A little goes a long way, so these products can last the consumer a while.

What are some At Home Remedies to Try?

Factors in your environment might be at the root of your dry eye syndrome. Be mindful of air quality conditions indoors, taking care to avoid cigarette smoke. An indoor humidifier might provide relief from indoor conditions that might be triggering eye irritation. When participating in activities outside where the wind is a factor, consider protective eyewear (like wraparound sunglasses), especially in situations like skiing, motorcycling, or sailing where wind might be hitting your face at higher speeds.
Finally, to increase higher-quality tear production naturally, increase omega 3-rich foods in your diet which has been shown to improve eye health. Fatty fish, walnuts, and eggs enhanced with omega 3s are all good sources for bettering eye health, in general.

Dry Eye Prevention

Take eye-strain breaks. Frequent television usage, reading, and computer use can dry out your eyes. Help eyes regain some natural moisture by participating less in these activities (work for 30 minutes; rest eyes for 10). Applying warm compresses for 5 minutes or more on the eye area can loosen clogged oils in eye glands and provide relief and lessen inflammation. Staying hydrated and eating water-rich foods can also naturally aid in the lubrication process.

See an Eye Doctor

Sometimes, prescription strength medicine may be the best course of action when self-management of symptoms isn’t enough. Schedule a consultation with Advanced Eye Surgeons in Boca Raton & Tamarac, FL, where you will receive professional eye care and top-notch compassionate service. We are ready to serve you with the latest state-of-the-art technology, so don’t delay in making an appointment at our Boca Raton office at (561) 931-2655 or our Tamarac office at (954) 726-2080. Let us help you achieve noticeable improvement, today!

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